The Slovenian Association of Disabled Students was founded to promote the rights and interests of students with special needs in further and higher education and to offer various supports and activities for independent living, studying, employment and social life.

Currently, the Association joins 212 students and graduates with various types and degrees of disability or special needs, namely students with mobility, visual or hearing impairments, students with specific learning difficulties, language and speech disorders, autism spectrum disorders, mental health disorders or other progressive or chronic illnesses or disorders such as epilepsy, diabetes, cancer etc.

We offer various non formal learning courses and workshops, cultural, sporting and social activities home and abroad, transportation service, use of modern ICT, printing, copying and enlarging study materials, adapting printed materials into accessible electronic documents, personal assistance service and counselling and advice regarding studying, adjustments, student housing and other disability related rights.

We collect information about the conditions for studying and employment of young people with special needs, make proposals, run workshops and trainings about more inclusive higher education, youth work, employment and society as such, and promote equal opportunities and universal access for all.

We cooperate with organizations with similar interests home and abroad.